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First, close the temperature and humidity sensor to the gateway, then enter the multi-functional gateway page in the smart APP, select the device list page, click the plus sign “⊕” below to add a sub device, and press and hold the temperature and humidity sensor button according to the page prompts.

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1.Temperature and humidity recorder It should not be too far from the gateway. Before installation, press the reset button, and the gateway prompts that the connection is normal
2. It can be pasted, placed and installed
3. Try not to put it in a place prone to rain and water vapor
4. Try not to install it in the refrigerator, kitchen and toilet

Click to verify the connection, and the currently detected temperature and humidity data will be reported to the gateway immediately. Long press to add and reset the sub device.

If the temperature and humidity sensor detects that the current environment is not within the comfort range, it will send a push reminder to the phone, which can be turned off at the app end


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The temperature and humidity sensor is by far the most widely distributed sensor in the agricultural application field
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