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Th20R temperature and humidity recorder

Product Details:

1、 Quick use

1. Please confirm to install the battery before use, and press the “set” + “enter” key to start the machine.

2. Please install the software on the CD. There are detailed help documents after installation. All parameter settings of the instrument are correct

Support software operation, main calibration time for initial use, setting recording interval, upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity

Alarm value and opening record, please plug in the probe if there is an external probe.

3. Software and video tutorials can be downloaded from the official website

Or scan the QR code and contact us for more information about the use and installation of the instrument.

2、 Product overview

Th20r temperature and humidity recorder is a low-power, wide viewing angle LCD large screen display, high-precision, large capacity storage recording instrument developed by our company. The use of imported sensor probe ensures the excellent measurement performance of the product. The removable 18650 high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery is used, which can be used for one year after charging. Record temperature and humidity data in real time. The recording interval is arbitrarily set from 1 second to 24 hours, and 100000 groups of data can be stored. USB communication interface is convenient to connect with computer to view and export historical data, and automatically generate excel, curve and PDF files. Rich functions, support the machine to view alarm records, historical records, current day, average value, dew point value, record status display, battery power display, charging indication, upper and lower limit alarm indication of temperature and humidity, SD card status indication, etc. Flexible energy-saving configuration, can be arbitrarily configured with audible alarm, optical alarm, audible and visual alarm and short alarm, real-time display and sleep mode. Support probe sensitivity, temperature and humidity calibration settings. Equipped with 1GB SD card.

3、 Scope of application

It is widely used in machine rooms, workshops, cold storages, warehouses, drug warehouses, laboratories, constant temperature and humidity boxes, libraries, museums, offices and other places.

4、 Product features

★ USB communication interface is convenient to connect with the computer.

★ support the machine to view alarm records and historical records.

★ it supports the functions of opening record, closing record and whole point record.

★ large capacity storage, which can store 100000 groups of data.

★ the imported probe has high measurement accuracy, wide range and good consistency.

★ wide viewing angle and large screen LCD design, generous and beautiful.

★ password protection function to prevent misoperation by non staff.

★ degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit can be switched, general purpose.

★ the average value of the day can be displayed.

★ record status display, total record, unread record.

★ with its own clock function, it can display the month, day, hour, minute and second.

★ charging indication and battery power prompt icon.

★ energy saving mode and real-time display mode can be set.

★ reliable performance, no data loss in power failure.

★ temperature and humidity can be calibrated

★ with dew point analysis function.

★ low power consumption, 18650 rechargeable battery, one charge for one year.

★ the recording interval can be set from 1 second to 24 hours.

★ industrial structure buckle base design, wall hanging, ceiling, 86 boxes, cabinets, desktops, magnetic suction and other installation methods.

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