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Th40G4-EX-IP67 GPRS wireless temperature and humidity recorder

Product Details:

Product overview

Th40g4-ex-ip67 is a GPRS wireless temperature and humidity recorder, which adopts a high-precision waterproof sensor probe imported from Switzerland to ensure excellent measurement performance of the product. It is powered by two 18650 high-capacity batteries, and the USB port can be connected to an external power supply for power supply and charging. The low-power design can be maintained by a single battery for 3 months (real-time data can be reported every 10 minutes). Data is actively reported to the cloud monitoring platform instead of monitoring hosts, collectors and other devices. Set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity and other relevant parameters. When the ambient temperature and humidity exceed the upper and lower limits, the power supply is too low, the external power supply is disconnected and the equipment is offline, the alarm will be triggered immediately, and the alarm notification can be sent by email and SMS. Support web page and mobile application login to view and export real-time data, real-time curves, alarm records, historical records, coordinate tracks, etc.

2. Scope of application

It is widely used in communication machine rooms, intelligent buildings, workshops, warehouses, drug warehouses, libraries, museums, laboratories, offices, ventilation ducts, greenhouses and other places.

3. Product features

★ cloud monitoring platform, without monitoring host, collector and other equipment.

★ log in to web pages and mobile applications to view data.

★ easy to use, use mobile applications to quickly add devices.

★ support SMS alarm and email alarm.

★ LCD large screen display design, generous and beautiful.

★ desktop wall mounted magnetic suction structure design, easy to install.

★ strong stability and anti-interference ability.

★ use a large capacity 18650 battery, which can be charged and replaced.

★ the battery is connected in reverse direction, and the battery will not burn after reverse installation.

★ imported high-precision probe, high measurement accuracy and wide range.

★ cloud monitoring: high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, offline, low power consumption, power failure, etc.

★ low power design, single battery power supply can be maintained for three months (the reporting interval is 10 minutes).

★ offline recording function, which usually monitors and records data when the network is disconnected, and automatically reports to the cloud platform after the network is connected.

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